About Us

We offer a safe place for people in several states providing treatment for those who are addicted to alcohol and drugs. In addition to serving clients from all walks of life, we offer a secure setting for alcohol and drug rehabilitation in the comfort of our patients’ own homes with inpatient treatment.

Get in touch with our friendly team to find out how we can help with an alternate approach to in-patient treatment for alcoholism or addiction that involves less restriction.

Clients make use of community resources in an environment that is both secure and welcoming. Clients have access to fitness centers and are able to attend twelve-step meetings and christian-based twelve-step programs such as Celebrate Recovery, which are all offered in this community. This community offers a therapeutic setting in which the recovery process can start to take shape. If they so like, clients have access to a wide selection of churches from whom they can get ongoing assistance.

During rehabilitation, forming relationships that will continue beyond this point and into the client’s home environment is an important step to take. Clients have the option of participating in an on-site after-care group that is open to any client who has just graduated from the program for as long as they desire to do so. A secure rehabilitation setting that offers residential treatment for substance abuse as well as alcoholism.

In recovery, building relationships that last starts here and then moves to the client’s home. Clients can join an on-site after-care group, which is open to any client who has graduated as long as they want to. A safe place to get help for alcohol and drugs with residential services.

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