Primary Care Treatment

Treatment Philosophy: An alternative to inpatient treatment for alcohol and drugs that takes place in a non-hospital setting.

Treatment at our full-service rehab center is based on a curriculum. We are a treatment program based on the 12-step model. We use motivational techniques and other parts that are up-to-date (best practices) when it comes to helping people with alcohol rehab and drug rehab. Clients work out of a well-made workbook and a book called 12 Steps Unlocked, which was written by the Program Director. Individualized treatment planning is a big part of how we help people get over their addictions. Dependency Solutions is a treatment center in Oregon, but people from other states are welcome to come there for help. From the Portland airport, you can take a short shuttle for a small fee.

Plan for the week

The houses are divided by gender, and up to five people can live in each one. Their day starts with making breakfast. The clients then go to a fitness center and do a workout that has been planned out for them. After that, clients go to the treatment center for a scheduled work-study group and to work on assignments from their individual treatment plan and treatment workbook. Then, after a break and lunch, they go back to their recovery home. At 1:30, clients are brought to the treatment center for a lecture and discussion group. After a short break, clients take part in group therapy, where they present tasks from their treatment guide and treatment plan. Clients are taken back to their housing where they can relax and make dinner. In the evening, clients are taken to an outside 12-step meeting. When they got back to their rooms, it was quiet time until lights out at 11pm. A full alternative to inpatient treatment for addiction. Being a unique alcohol and drug residential facility.

Weekend Schedule

There is a house meeting with other residents and then a supervised activity outside in the community. In the evening, there is a 12-step meeting. If the client’s family can come visit, Sundays are family days. During visitation, sessions of family counseling are planned. On Sundays, clients can have free time at the facility and go to a 12 step meeting in the community that night.

Counseling for each person

Clients meet with their main counselor once a week for individual counseling. During these sessions, they go over their treatment plan, goals, and objectives.


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